Calendar - Slate not included.

We have designed a Braille Calendar that can be used at your desk or carried along with you to school, work or anywhere.

The calendar is loaded into a half-size looseleaf binder.

Each individual month is created landscape style with the days and dates laid out like a print calendar. At the bottom of this page is a list of the Holidays and their dates for that particular month.

Just behind this page are the calendar pages for that month. They are not landscape. They are divided in half with the day and date of the odd numbered days above and the even numbered dates and days below.

The binder is a 3-ring binder so, of course the pages are all punched for the 3-ring format. The day/date pages have the holes slotted for easy removal without having to open the rings. You can just pull out the page you need, make your braille entry and put the page back, slick as a whistle.

The basic calendar includes both the binder and the original calendar. Update calendar refills can be ordered for subsequent years. The basic calendar is $60.00; the update refill (without binder) is $45.00. Applicable state sales tax, shipping and handling are in addition.

(Note: Slate not included.)

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Melita and Friends

Melita and Friends

We keep busy. All this is one order!

We keep busy. All this is one order!